Question of Identity

Who am I?

I am a dual citizen. I am Egyptian; I am Canadian. And I am culturally torn between the two. I have lived one third of my life in Kuwait, one third in Canada and one third in Egypt.

I am torn between the two identities. You see, I have lived in the Middle East and Canada, thus, my character and identity have become multidimensional. I’d like to think that I have picked up the best of the two worlds, but that’s just wishful thinking..

In the grand scheme of things, the question of identity isn’t worth losing sleep over. On a day to day basis, it does play a role in how your day pans out especially if you travel or move around a lot. Am I Muslim, Egyptian or Canadian? Am I traditional in my thinking or is my thinking overtaken by the west?

My interests in life are diverse. I am a Software Engineer, a yogi and a philanthropist. I am interested in social issues and human rights. I would love to leave the world a better place; a place of justice, peace, and light. The light that resides in every human being on this planet. I intend to write about all that piques my interests and shed some light on an Egyptian Canadian Muslim way of living.  I am a dementia caregiver, so I will definitely be writing about that.

Hence, the blog name. Kayanne is an arabic word, derived from the root work kawn which means being. Kayanne has several meanings in Arabic, with Arabic being the complex language that it is. Kayanne here means entity,being, identity. Kayanne’s Light.

The question of identity is redundant after all; as long it’s an identity of light to the world.

Heba’s Corner


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  1. I am looking forward to learning about your multiple lives.


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