Published Work

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to write. I wrote short stories, kept a personal diary, and essays all during high school. Unfortunately, my chosen career path doesn’t make use of my love for the written word – I am an engineer (enough said). In 2016, I was finally able to give writing a chance.  As luck would have it, I started working in a real estate magazine as a junior staff writer in April of last year and was able to kickstart my writing career. A year later, I am proud to say that I am a published writer with many articles and news pieces under my name.
What have I written so far? News pieces. Articles. Reports. Analytical articles. My work has been published at Invest Gate (a real estate magazine) and Decypha News (an online portal for Middle East Financial News).

I am still not the writer I want to be, but the following list of articles give credit to the hidden writer in me.

Published Articles:

An Examination of UAE’s Insurance Industry

UAE’s Oil Industry: A Complete Profile – 2017

Prospects of the GCC Construction Sector in Times of Rebounding Oil Prices

OPEC in Numbers: An Overview of Crude in the MENA Region

The Impact of VAT Implementation on GCC

Saudi Arabia’s Oil Industry: A Complete Profile – 2017

In-Depth: The Impact of UAE’s Infrastructure on Economic Growth

In-Depth: The Financial Performance of UAE’s Real Estate Sector


Invest Gate Articles and Reports:

The Future of Sustainable and Green Construction in Egypt

An Interview: Future Landscape of Green Design and Construction

Hospitality Market in Egypt: The Complete Picture

Sahel vs. Sokhna: Where to Buy?

Trend Analysis: Devaluating Currency vs. Real Estate Boom

6 Steps to Finding the Perfect Real Estate Agent

VAT and Its Impact on Economy and Real Estate

Egyptian Government’s Mega Projects 2016

A Complete Guide to Property Financing in Egypt

Social Housing Report